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Thompson Center 

 - FIBERGLASS RAMROD -HAWKEN 28" long  order here 

 - FIBERGLASS RAMROD -RENEGADE 26" long  order here 

 - FIBERGLASS RAMROD -THUNDERHAWK 24" long  order here

These T/C replacement ramrods are impervious to normal use and highly resistant to
the wear and tear of severe field conditions. We have never seen one break on the
range or in the woods. Constructed with a center core of solid fiberglass extrusion
with all fibers running in the same direction and an outer sheath of non-abrasive
polymer (heat shrunk to the fiberglass core), these rods are strong, flexible, and won't
damage the rifling on the muzzle end. All rods are fitted with quality hardware. Rifle
ramrods have a threaded tip (10x32 thread) for T/C Worms, Jags or Bullet Pullers.
Shafts are black in color. This is the only replacement ramrod you will ever need!


Thompson Center                                                                                                 

 - STAR-7 CAPPER   for #11 caps  order here                 

A lightweight capper with seven protruding fingers that hold caps for quick accessibility, and a handy storage compartment in the back for extra caps. Lanyard loop enables it to be worn around the neck or attached to a possible bag.


Thompson Center                                                                                               

 - PAN CHARGER for flintlock  order here                 

Solid brass, the knurled end screws off for easy filling. Holds approximately 80 grains FFFFG Black Powder. Dispenses a small amount of priming powder. Each dispensed charge fills the pan of a T/C rifle one-half full.





Muzzleloader Shooting Accessories      Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8