How do I Prevent Mis-Fires ?
Pre-Shooting preparation & cleaning

Just prior to loading your muzzleloader, run a
couple  of dry cleaning patches down the barrel a few
times to remove all oil in barrel and fire 2-3 caps
to burn oily residue away from nipple/breach area.

Barrel cleaning is also of the utmost importance.
We actually use hot water with liquid dish soap.
In a big coffee can or equivalent, we submerge the
breach end of the barrel (nipple removed). Run your
cleaning jag with patches through the barrel a number
of times as a plunger, drawing the hot soapy water
through the threaded nipple hole. We use a tooth
brush with the soapy water in the breach area nooks
and crannies, Also use the tooth rush on the threaded
breach hole in the barrel and the nipple itself. Then,
we use a bathroom shower stall and run hot water down
the barrel to rinse soap out, if a shower stall is not
available, use another coffee can of hot rinse water
to poor down the inside and outside surfaces of the barrel,
remove all soap residue. There should be no burnt powder
residue remaining after running clean patches down the
barrel.  Also, The hot water actually warms the barrel to
the point that the rinse water mostly evaporates off the
hot barrel-surface.After you are sure the barrel and
nipple are clean and dry, lightly oil the barrel.


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